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Sailing a chartered boat is becoming an increasingly frequent vacation choice. Luxurious motor yachts allow you to experience the joy of sailing while maintaining a high level of passenger safety.

When to sail?

The best season of year to charter a yacht is definitely summer. The sea is calmer, and the temperatures are higher. The best sailing experience is definitely in summer. However, both spring and fall are also good periods to go sailing – the days are long enough and the sea and air temperatures are pleasant.

Where to sail?

Once you have chosen the period to go sailing and the company for your voyage, the only key remaining decision is your destination. If you charter a yacht in spring or fall, our recommendation is the Southern Adriatic, which should be calmer, with little to no strong winds during this period. Every part of the Croatian coast is magical in its own way and the routes are mapped out so that you can fully enjoy the sightseeing, the beautiful islands and the sea. Whether you plan to snorkel, swim or enjoy other activities, your route should also be tailored to individual needs of all your passengers.

Sports and adrenaline activities

Heading ashore with a new perspective

Stand up paddling, also known as SUP, has become one of the most popular summer activities in the past few years as it allows you to maintain a good physical condition and have a great time while doing so. As the name shows, it involves paddling in an upright position, an activity which is easy to learn and requires no previous skill. Even though it seems you are just standing, this activates all the muscles in your body. If you get tired, you can always lie on the board and keep on paddling.

Paddle off into the unexplored worlds of the Adriatic

A kayak ride in the Adriatic Sea offers a remarkable aquatic activity and a unique experience of nature. The sea is warm, clear and clean and everywhere you go across our coast, you will find different rocks, sandy beaches, hidden coves and bays. A kayak will take you where boats would never dare and will allow you to explore the hidden worlds of the Adriatic coast in a slightly different way.

Discover the miraculous underwater landscape

If the depths of the sea are more appealing than staying and playing on the surface, we’ve got everything you need. The ship is equipped with snorkelling gear which will allow you to dive into the incredible world of the Croatian Adriatic. Our sea is crystal clear and its visibility reaches up to 50 metres at certain points. From the shallow ends to the bigger depths, explore the rich flora and fauna, the unique species and numerous underwater caves.

Meditation in motion

Winds like bura, jugo or maestral represent an ideal occasion to enjoy windsurfing on the Croatian coast, regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned veteran. This activity combines surfing and sailing and allows you to traverse freely across the water while standing on the board and controlling the sail guided by the wind. Windsurfing is present in various forms, depending on the board and the type of sail. Larger sails require more energy for control, but also give you more speed, while smaller sails allow for a slower and smoother sailing. This makes windsurfing suitable for both young and old, beginners and experts.

Adrenaline-pumping water slalom

Water skiing is one of the most exciting water-based activities. An exciting, adrenalin-pumping recreation on the water surface provides you with an unforgettable experience, depending on the speed and the environment. With water skiing, the skier glides on the surface of the water using one or two skis and holding on to the tow rope handle dragged by a boat. During your ride, you can just hold on to the rope towing you, while the braver and the more experienced can perform a slalom or do various tricks in the air.

Home port

The city of Zadar is located at the very centre of the Adriatic and is the focal point of Northern Dalmatia, easily accessible by land, sea, or air. The A1 Zagreb - Split motorway connects it to all of Croatia’s major cities while the ferry port connects it to Split, Pula, Ancona (Italy) and other ports. The international airport Zadar with its VIP terminal is the ideal entry and starting point for all final destinations.